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Вашето искане е изпратено до Контактен център. Служител ще се свърже с вас до един работен ден, за да изясни личните данни и да издаде картата.


At Solvy, we believe in transparent and flexible pricing that aligns with your financial institution's unique needs and goals. Our BNPL as a Service solution is designed to provide exceptional value and transformative benefits, catering to financial institutions of all sizes and scopes. Explore our pricing options and plans below to discover the perfect fit for your institution.



Financial institution earning 0.5-6.0% 0.5-6.0% 0.5-6.0%
Access to the BNPL platform
Access list of stores
List of installment terms
Personalized offers
Mobile application
Terminals whitelist
Build turnkey project
Risk optimization tune-up
Product customization
Sales and marketing support
Setup fee €0 €99,900 €149,900
Access to the full retailer network



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